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Archived Morel Reports - Year 2000

This page contains the
Year 2000 Reports
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of  Year 2001

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Reports are posted "earliest to latest". Scroll down for latest report.

03/08/00   - We've had three weeks of very mild temps and the last few days have been VERY warm. It was working on me. I was fighting morel fever. I finally succumbed, and actually went out and looked to see if any mushrooms were peeking out yet. It was 78 degrees and felt so good to be outside in the forrest and having tee shirt weather. I didn't find any mushrooms myself, but on the news it was reported that some small ones were found (I don't believe it though).  I DID get to see about 30 elk while out.
The next night, 03/09/00 30 hours or so after that little excursion to the woods, I retired for the night after midnight, it was 4 above and snowing! Now I ask you, Mother Nature; ..... "Is this any way to treat a mushroom hunter?"

04/02/00 - Supposed to get showers tomorrow. We'll see (Quite a red sun at setting tonight). My wife and I went out today for a bit and checked, but still none found. I've seen posting's about some being found in southern Michigan tho'.       They're coming soon to Gaylord area!

04/03/00 - Well it didn't rain here. South, west and north of us.  But not here. :(
04/04/00 - Cold in low 20's - Dry
04/05/00 - near 40 - Dry
04/06/00 - mid 30's - mist and sprinkles. Not much, but we'll take it.
04/08/00 - mid 20's approx 3 - 4 inches of snow.
04/09/00 - mid 30's and most of snow melted. Good! We need the moisture!
04/10/00 - upper 20's to low 30's
04/11/00 - upper 20's to low 30's. Way below normal for this time of year! GOOD GRIEF! It was 78 degrees a month ago in March! Of course THAT was way above normal.

04/13/00 - upper 30's Dry - Today I ate the last of my morels sauteed with onions in the dripping from ajuicy porterhouse steak. I sacrificed them to the morel Gods. Now that they know I'm all out of 'shrooms, maybe they'll take pity and send us warm weather and rain. Think it'll work?

04/14/00 - in the upper 60's today. HEY, I FOUND SOME today! My wife and I found 2 dozen small   ones in the last 1/2 hr before dark.   I guess eating the last of last years really worked. :)

04/15/00 - In the mid 50's - We found 99 Blacks today! It turned cold tonight though. 25 o
04/16/00 - low 30's - RAIN! Freezing Rain, but rain anyway.
04/18/00 - low 50's - The cold temps last 2 days slowed growth. I only got 34 in 4 hours.
04/19/00 - low 60's - found 78 today.
04/20/00 - mid 30's - RAIN! ! Last night and today! This will sure help.
04/21/00 - high 40's - found 53 blacks today. Cold nights are keeping them small and few right now.
04/22/00 - low 60's - found 250 blacks & greys. A good day for us.
04/23/00 - high 50's - Happy easter! No hunting today. Just played with the grandkids.
04/24/00 - low 60's - picked 86 today. Not too bad for week-end left-overs.
04/25/00 - high 50's - only picked 53 today. Seems to be slowing. Need more rain.
04/28/00 - high 50's - Picked 224 in 21/2 hrs today. Surprised me. Think how good it would be with rain
04/29/00 - high 50's - went looking for new areas. only found 18 morels. Finding new areas is tuff!
04/30/00 - mid 60's - Wife and I got 232 and niece and friend got another 89 for a total of 321.
05/01/00 - high 50's - RAIN last night 1/10 inch. Wife and I got 247 blacks this evening.
05/02/00 - low 60's - I picked 226 blacks tonight by myself. I think that's the most I've picked at once.
05/03/00 - mid 70's - Hot DRY weather and & too cotton pickin' many morel pickers in my favorite spots limited us to only 122 today! LOL (just ask my niece and her friend Karen who drove almost 3 hours to come up for morels.)

05/04/00 - high 70's - Woods Very Dry! Be careful.
05/05/00 - near 80 - Dry. Haven't been picking and probably won't be able to go until after the 1st of the week.
05/06/00 - low 80's - Dry
05/07/00 - low 80's - Rain showers early AM - (not much but maybe it will help)
05/08/00 - high 70's - a little bit more rain in AM. Just a drizzel. Only found 61 blacks tonight.

05/09/00 & 05/10/00 - 50's and 60's. dry in gaylord but a storm went through Alanta and alpena area on tuesday. Wife and I both went picking tonight and only found 24 blacks and 4 whites. Blacks seem to be done early this year. Hope the whites will do better.

05/10/00 - low 50's - Rain today. nice soaking one. about an inch.
05/12/00 - low 60's - Lots and Lots of RAIN today. This will help out the white morels if you know where to find them. I don't. At least not so far. only found 4 so far.

05/13/00 - low 40's - BRrrrrrr! - very cold at night time. Below freezing.
05/14/00 - low 40's - Rain drizzel early AM. A cool but nice MOTHERS DAY anyway.
05/15/00 - med 50's - Went scouting for new area's to hunt whites in but struck out. only got 4.
05/16/00 - high 40's - Rain in AM. scouted new area - Found 14 whites and 7 blacks this time.
05/17/00 - high 50's - Rain tonight and tomorrow.
05/18/00 - high 40's - Rain in AM Cold tonight again - Frost / Freeze warnings
05/19/00 - low 50's - 20o overnight. Cool most of today. only reached 50 in afternoon late.
05/20/00 - low 70's - With warm up picking should've been good. I didn't get to go though :(
05/22/00 - mid 70's - a little Rain in PM. Haven't been able to hunt morels, so not sure how they're doing.
05/24/00 - low 70's - BLACK MORELS ARE ALL DONE in the Lower Peninsula (you might still fined a few) I haven't heard if the Upper Peninsula is still going or not. I hope you got in on the picking this year. It was one of the best years in a long time! NEXT UPDATES ON THIS PAGE will be NEXT YEAR. You can still visit the MESSAGE BOARD to check with other hunters though. Rember to bookmark this site for next year!

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