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Tim R's Morel Story

Photographs and submitted and copyrighted © 2001 by Tim R. from Trenton, Michigan.Reaching ...reaching....for a morel mushroom!

We arrived up at our camp in the Atlanta, Michigan area at 2:00 PM. last Friday, 05/04/01.
Out of curiosity, we took a walk a hundred yards out from our site to find ten morels right there. Getting excited, we decided to start looking for morels, before going Trout fishing--a change from our earlier plan. Its amazing how quickly that can happen when you get into the craze of it all. My friend Geoff and I loaded up into the truck, and hit some of the best known area's from the past to begin our search. We didn't go very far, before we hit pay-dirt!
Sunday, 05/06/01 in the morning, Geoff and I headed back out to the patches, and much to our surprise, found a record number of morels, that exceeded any quantities ever found in the last 20 years of looking. In one patch alone, we each found 300-350 morels, each. What a great, and exciting time!



a morel mushroom dinner to remember

We trout fished the next day, Saturday and we nailed them too!! There's something to be said about fishing a day or two, up to the "full-moon".

Our first few hours of searching produced at least a 1,000 morels. How exciting!! We cooked up a lot of them that night with fresh caught trout and vennison steaks. A weekend I will remember for some time to come.!

Two life-long friends of 30+ years, together for a weekend of "shooming" and fishing. Truly a treat to for two hard-working friends who have always enjoyed each others company.    .... Tim R


Interestingly enough, we found about six
of the "white morels"

...very pretty.
My friend and I together found thousands!
Tim signes for the 2000th morel.
I am an avid photographer and happen to have my camera with me this weekend.
I took about 70 pictures of the morel's we were collecting.

Here are some of the close-up photograhs (macro). ~Tim R.

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