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Chris's chilly night hunting morels

Photographs and Story submitted and copyrighted © 2000 by Chris of Indiana.  Morels were taken during the 2000 season in northern Michigan.
Chris holding some nice Morels

   I have been going up to Michigan to mushroom hunt now for close to ten years.  There is a group of 12 guy's that go ever year.

    Year after year we would always talk about hitting it at the right time to find "big" white morels.  In the years past we have had great trips usually bringing back 5-7 pounds every year.  On this years trip (in our commute from Indiana) we got separated.  And of course our sleeping bags were in the "lost" group's truck.  The lost group decided that they would stop and sleep somewhere and left us with nothing but our jackets and our tent.

Needless to say it was a long cold night.

The 1st morning pickings BEFORE sleeping bags arrived.
   We woke up first thing and went to town to get some breakfast and coffee (lots of it). There was still no sign of the other guys so we decided to get started.  On the first morning in a little less than 3 hours we collected 6 pounds between us.  We had finally hit it right!  We were so pumped up we almost forgot about the other guys.

   Staying out in the cold that night was worth it just to see the other guy's faces when we pulled in to camp with big white Morels.  Our luck would continue for the next two days.

By-the-way ...., I do use mesh sacks for picking and storing, and not the plastic bags shown in the above picture. The white bags were a convient way to make the morels stand out in the photo.  

   When it was all said and done I collected 23 lbs. of mushrooms in three days! This was by far the best Mushroom trip I have ever had.  Hopefully that won't stand for long.  Maybe this year will bring up plenty more.                    .... Chris

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