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(AKA Ron)

Photograph submitted and copyrighted by Ron W. © 2001

 An E mail from Ron W.

Hopefully, attached is a picture of a portly Woodsman with the first day's catch. It was taken May 14, 2001.
My scanner and my e-mail software don't communicate well, especially since I am computer-challenged. If this does not come thru, please let me know so I can smash this thing! I have been at it all day now.
     ..... Later, Woodsman

His scanner is safe! The pic came through just fine, although he seems to have lost his head. LOL
These creamy morel mushrooms were taken in a very popular spot in northern Michigan. I've hunted there, but not with the same success that Woodsman had.        ..... Frank

Dale aka 'Bubba'

Photographs submitted and copyrighted © 2001 by Dale of Tennesee.  Morels taken 04/05/2001 in Tennesee.
1st day out in the 2001 season in Tennesee!Dales black morel haul
Hi Frank
My name is Dale

I grew up in Michigan, moved to Tennessee eleven years ago. My wife and I are avid 'shroom hunters. Its taken a long time but I think my theory is right on, and if it is, this weekend will be at its best in middle TN. We went out today after work and got 1.5 lbs. in an hour. We will be in the wood early tomorrow.
                              .... Dale

Bubba with 2nd days haul of 6 1/2 lbs. of early morels!
But these pic's sure made me perk up and eager for our season to start!




Nancy & Howie' morels

Howie holding some giant white morels.

Photograph submitted and copyrighted © 2000 by Nancy and Howie of Ohio.  

We are Howard & Nancy, from Ohio. These were found in Michigan, May 2000!

This may give some incentive to others that the bigs ones are really out there!
Happy Hunting to you this year!!


Larry's Luck

Photographs submitted and copyrighted © 2000 by Larry from Muskegon, Mich. area.
    I find white morels every year in the front yard of my girlfriend's parent's house. They have them grow there every year, and they like to see how big they can get.

    They love to see the expression on my face when they let me pick them. The biggest one that I have picked there was 8 inches long and at least 4 inches wide.  We ate off of this one four different times!!  --- Larry

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