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Morel Photos & Stories

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Over 5000 morels for year 2000. Includes a photo of real and false morels side-by-side
Ken's story and photo's
We picked over 5000

Dean took one of Rockys guided hunts.  Well worth it.  Learned a lot.
Dean's photo's
showing a nice haul of morels

A Michigander now living in Tenn. Shows photo of Black Morels some nice morels They ate 4 meals from this 1 morel. Now THAT is a morel
Ron, Dale, Howie and Larry's photo's
Good  photographs and a great story. Lost buddies. Lost sleeping bags. Camping cold pays off.
Chris's Story and photo's
from 2000 season. 

Good story.   Great photographs that will make your mouth water
Tim R's Fantastic Trip! 

* A must Read*
Two very good poems 
Poems by Gary and by Deborah G. A.

Sandi's  morel hunting camp
As Seen on TV 9&10
The Whistlers! (Sandi's Camp)

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