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Update on our horse Cactus as of 10-23-2010

We took delivery of a 20+ year old horse in May of 2010.
A peruvian Paso, and we were all excited and couldn't wait to ride him on the trails. Well, we soon found out this horse wasn't quite as sound as we first thought.

Our lack of horse knowledge was the reason, but, we are not sorry we took him in.

It's not that he was neglected by his previous owner (he wasn't), but more that he was put on the back burner there. He had a tendon problem that required stable rest. He also had an operation to remove a cyst on his back. So for two years he wasn't rode but seldom by the owners daughters, and didn't have the time in a pasture. Because Frank and I neither one are horse experts, we fiqured that he was OK, because 3 of us rode him before we took delivery.

That 1st weekend when I, and two other people, rode him about 150 yards each, he delevoped wind puffs. Not earth shattering, but a concern. A good hosing down on his back legs cooled and reduced them. Next day he was fine. So no one rode him for a few weeks. then I started to ride him just a little bit on the lane. He seemed okay. So a couple weeks later myself, Marilyn and a neighbor decided to go on a short trail ride. After about only a 1/2 mile or less, he collasped under me. Just plain fell down. Plop! I led him back home. Since then we decided not to ride him as he just wasn't strong enough to carry a load like Frank or I. Yes, we are both overweight. Frank still hasn't ridden him since the one time before we decided to adopt him. Frank was very concerned that Cactus would never be sound enough to ride.

Marilyn and I decided to change his feed supplement (Legacy and I can't praise it highly enough) and excerise him without any weight on him for a few weeks. He responded quite well, and we decided that our grandaughter may be able to ride him. But only for a few minutes at a time. That and the feed change along with being turned out in a pasture, rather being stabled, seemed to do the trick.

Cactus has started to gain back some of the weight he needed. He's gained almost 50 lb. or more, since end of May. But he gained it back in muscle tone, not fat. His joints were snapping and popping very badly in the beginning too, but the new supplement has now done away with that. So the care Marilyn has given to him, and having Kennedy work him off and on has really helped Cactus.
Kennedy says he's "getting 6 -pack abs Grandma" but I told her it was closer to 2 - pack yet! lol
Also, he no longer gets wind puffs. Even after a 20 to 30 minute rides with Kennedy on him.

Frank had not been up to see him in about two months or so, and I kept telling him how much better he was doing and looking. Frank came up a month ago, and when he saw Cactus, all he could say was WOW!   He later told me that he was taking my reports of Cactus's improvements with a grain of salt, just because he fiqured I was wishing it so. But he was amazed at the change in Cactus. "He actually has a barrel and some muscles now in his neck and legs", he said. It made me happy that he could see it too! Frank is a better rider than I (for the moment, but I am getting in practice on other horses now), but he knows much less about horse care and that stuff than I do. He says he thinks of them kind of like cars. Either they get up and go, or they don't. LOL

Neither myself or Frank plan on attempting to ride Cactus again until next year. I believe he will be strong enough by then. Especially if we both lose some excess weight while Cactus is gaining his muscle tone. Sheesh! Is THAT ever hard! LOL

Last week Marilyn had to call a vet out for another horse, and it turned out to be the same vet that used to treat Cactus. In fact, she had done an operation to remove a cyst from Cactus's back before we got him. She asked if that was the same Cactus from (and named the town). I said yes. Wow, she replied. He is really doing well. She checked her handiwork for the other surgery and said it had healed better than she thought it would.

She, the vet, confirmed that Cactus was not in the best condition when we got him, but not that it reflected in any way on the previous owners, Sue and her husband. They care for their horses well. More so, that it was from being stabled for two years. Non activity will sure take the muscle tone down and make the joints stiff. Same with us. right?

So Sue, if you or your hubby read this, myself and my husband's thoughts of you and your hubby, are not dimished. We felt you guys were great people when we met you, and we still do. You're good horse people! You are more than welcome to call and come over to Marilyns to visit Cactus. I know you wanted a good home for Cactus, and he's got one. You'll like the care he is getting at Marilyns. We love him to death! What a sweetie!

Oh Yes, and thank God for Marilyn with her love of horses, and friends.

An early morning walk with my friend.
Taken 07-10-2010
an early morning walk with my horse

Just hanging out together.
Taken 07-10-2010
Just hanging out with my horse

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