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Cactus and Kids

Kennedy's whole family came up to help us get a second coat of paint on the horse shelters,
and of course she was excited to be able to show them what she had learned this summer.

In keeping with my and Marilyn's standards, the work came first, and then the fun with horses.
So they all helped out with barn painting, cleaning pastures, raking leaves and what have you.

Afterward Marilyn told us how impressed she was with the kids. "They really do like to work!" is how she put it.

  Our Cactus is such a sweet gentleman with the kids. He is so very careful with them on his back.

Here is our youngest grandson, Chase, cleaning out a pasture.
Chase is 5 years old here.

Here is Chase's first ride on a horse.
Notice his farm boots. He's not new to farm work at all.

Kennedy changed from student to trainer for the day.

Another one of Chase on Cactus with Kay leading him.

Kay's younger sister Madison, riding for the first time.!

Kennedy gives instruction to her cousin, Abigail, after Debbie helped her mount.
Kay's proud Mom and Dad, Scott and Carrie,off on the right there.

Abigail looks like she is enjoying her ride too!
Kennedy gives a demo on how to use the hoof pick to clean Cactus's feet.

I think the kids enjoyed the working on the barns and pastures
almost as much as getting to ride the horse. Almost,
but I think they had the most fun when riding on top of him!

Kennedy also enjoyed being able to show Mom and Dad,
as well her cousins, what all she had learned this past summer
with Grandma and her funny looking horse.


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