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Kennedy and Sonny

Here's Kay with Sonny.

Sonny is a Quarter Horse. He is Marilyn's personal horse and baby.

Currying the horses is hard work.

Kennedy is put to work learning how to groom with Taz.
She also helped in other grooming and chores.

Wow!  He is a big horse!


Getting used to how big Sonny is.

Sonny is Marilyn's personal horse and baby.








Video of Kay riding Sonny on her own.
If video does not show up on your computer for some unknown reason,
Just Click Here to watch on YouTube.

Sonny and Taz looking for their stable mate Precious,
after Marilyn took her out for a bath.

Looking for their stable mate.
All in all, it was a pretty full weekend with Grandma, huh Kennedy Kay?
Another Kennedy riding Cactus video on Page 5


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