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Kennedy Kay meets Cactus.

Kennedy Kay is one of our grand daughters. She's is 12 1/2 years old in these photo's. I, Grandma Debbie, took her up to Gaylord to meet Cactus and the other horses, and to learn how to ride. She had a ball and was a great student. KK listened and learned well. She is a good student.
But we didn't let her off with just riding and no work. Nosiree! Marilyn and I had her help, with all the chores involved, including giving Cactus a new hairdo. LOL

She also worked on some of the other horses. As a pay off, Kennedy got to ride three different type horses! A Peruvian Paso, a Standard Bred and a Quarter Horse! We started her off bare back for her to get her balance in tune. Then some saddle work on big ole Sonny. When she was done for the day Kennedy said "I'm tired and my butt hurts, but it sure was fun grandma"!


Cactus and his new punk hairdoo



Kay admiring Cactus's new punk hairdo she and I gave him.

(Poor Cactus looks kind of embarressed if you ask me)


Kennedy finally get to ride after all her work.
Kennedy gets to ride!

Studying boy or horse?    Is she admiring the neighbor boy or his horse?


Kay shows Cactus how she feels.


I love you Cactus.

I didn't get any video of Kay riding Cactus, cause our friend wasn't familiar with our camera, and I was leading the horse for the first ride.

But I did get a couple videos of Kay riding Sonny and Cutter. See Page 3



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