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Ted Bottoms

Don't know that name do you? Either did I until yesterday.
My wife and I had some business to conduct in downtown London, Ontario yesterday and as we were walking back to our car, we noticed a man jogging in front of us. He was quite elderly and my wife said it looked like he had, had a stroke. I said something like, well he sure is gettin it for a man his age. shorty, he tried to grab a tree and I immediately realized that this fellow wasn't running, but was stumbling.......he soon crashed to the sidewalk. He's drunk I said. We hurried up to where he had fell, as others walked by like he didn't exist. We helped him up, and I asked him if he'd been drinking. It was obvious immediately that he wasn't, because I didn't smell anything. He told me no. His face had a gash in it where he had fell, and his hands were cut up pretty bad. I realized that this man was in no shape to drive. I offered to drive his car to his home, while my wife followed in our car. He was trusting and readily accepted. We got him home within about 15 minutes, and during his conversation found that he had suffered 2 heart attacks and was just having a heart monitor installed.
We got him in the house, where Colleen washed his injuries, I found band-aids and we mended him up.
He mentioned his good friend Jake that lived behind him, so while I warmed him some vegetable soup I found in the freezer, my wife attempted to find Jakes phone number. Well, Jakes phone was busy for quite some time, and Ted insisted we have a coffee. So we fixed coffee and just sat with him and talked until she finally got a hold of Jake.
Jake came immediately and informed Colleen in the other room that Ted had just lost his wife in July, and had succombed to a diabetic coma 2 weeks ago. We had also got him his medications in one of those daily boxes.
Jake immediately asked Ted, who by this time was very forgettful and almost incoherant if he had takin his insulin shot. Of course he hadn't.
Jake called for an ambulance and we said our goodbyes and left.
Jake's final words to us were, "God bless you for this act"
I was pretty humbled, but figured that anyone would do just what we did. Then reality set in and all the evil scenerios came into play. What if someone in the wrong frame of mind had done and got into his know........those stupid thoughts.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a bit of insight as to who our new friend is.....

....and please say a little something for Mr. Ted Bottoms......

thank you
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