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Name: Brad
Central, Michigan usa
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We are very cautious when it come to Ticks. My son and I were in Gaylord the weekend of the 18th & 19th of May. We use a Permethrin soak that is Military Grade and you canít get on the market anymore. We do Tick checks at the vehicle before entering the car and shake out our clothes in the tub at the hotels where we stay. Havenít had a Tick one since using the SAWYERS Clothes soak in 4 years.
But on my way to drop him off at school today, he had a Tick crawling up his leg. Must have made a trip into the car on us right before getting in.
Anyway. Iíve had this Tick submerged in water for 16 hours now. Not floating on top, but under water. Itís still alive... Nasty little Beasts!
Be careful out there!!
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joe pohl
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Name: Joe
Northern, Michigan usa
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Re: Ticks

I have only seen one this year Brad. Last couple of years they were really bad here in manistee good hunting my friend pohlcat
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Name: Joe
Central, Ohio USA
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Re: Ticks

I love ticks. My best day in the woods was 37.
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Old Jun 9, 2018, 2:17 am   #4
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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: Ticks

When I was hunting up north the day after the dinner at BJ's. I returned that night (5/20) to Gaylord and stayed at the Quality Inn. After being there a few hours I found a tick crawling on my arm. At first, I thought it was a bedbug, but it was a tick. (I found a bedbug at the Rodeway Inn in Battle Creek last fall. I think that place closed down.)
I don't want to share my hotel room with bedbugs, but then again, I don't really want a tick on me either. Bedbugs, unlike ticks, are not known to carry any diseases, but unlike ticks, bedbugs are explosive breeders indoors.

I think ticks have gotten worse in recent years. Part of it may be that a lot of areas that I hunt have grown up with more vegetation in recent years.

Jeff O.
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