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Other Type Mushroom photo's Post only if your'e sure which mushroom it is.

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Name: Stan
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Black chanterelles

I found several types today, which was a first.

Of course there were some nice black trumpets (Craterellus cornucopioides). I found a pound with some real nice ones like this:

Then I found these, what I think is Craterellus foetidus because of the ridges, clustered growth, and its very pungent fruity aroma. They don't look like much from the top.

The bottom revealed the differences

Are these rare? I have never found them before and I only found a few.

While crawling around on my hands and knees in the moss, I found these tiny little ones which I think might be Craterellus calyculus

The largest one was not even the size of a dime.

All in all a very cool day with a wide variety of black chants.
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Name: Donna
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I can't post a reply I want to say way to go ahistory glade your having a good season
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Name: Ted
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Re: Black chanterelles

Nice Pics. I think I am going to copy the pics and use them for a wood burning. Nice color tones!!
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Name: Gary
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Re: Black chanterelles

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