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Hey all,

I really enjoy helping out everyone here.

But YOU can help us, help you even better in identifying mushrooms.

Just do a simple and cheap little thing. Grab yourself one of those little spiral notebooks, I believe, 6" by 4", and a pack of pencils. Sharpen the pencils to the length of the book, and put it in the spiral binder.
Place in a waterproof ziploc bag, and take it with you when you hunt to make little notes to yourself when you make a find.

Sorta like this:

Oak, beech, some ash

Raspberry canes, thin grass

soil moist, not much sun

old lighting struck tree,

When you get home, and get your captured prey on a sporeprint medium, sit back, and use these tips.

All of a sudden it's, "hey, wait a minute, there were some aspens in there too, and alot of dead mayapples, soil was kinda moist actually.
I passed 2 deer runs, then I found it just south of that old lighting struck tree, which I believe was a maple".

Now write it down, in a larger book for the year.
Begin the book in the beginning of the year, when your out morel hunting.
Take a case in point, mark the book by year, and key chararistic's of that year, dry, very wet, cool or hot.

Now you have a reference center to match those conditions another year down the road. Put it on your computer too, but commit it to floppy or cd.

Hope this helps ya,

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