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Name: Blake
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Stop buying pop...

and make your own! If you have a carbonating device for water... good deal. If you do not, as i don't, you can just buy seltzer water and mix in your own syrups. I made my own strawberry syrup and now i'm hooked on making syrups from fruits. red raspberry was amazing. you can use pretty much any fruit. This is also a great way to have pop as more of a treat, rather than replacing it with what should be water as society has been doing far too much. I abused pop when i was little and i could kick my mom for letting me do it (no i wouldn't kick my mom lol). i finally kicked the habit in my mid twenties and now a good soda is a great treat... but this trumps all!

So i had a genius idea today to mix some maple syrup that I made into the seltzer to see what it might taste like.... Holy home made cream soda instantly. I also used the strawberry syrup that i made from my garden berries... strawberry soda. so freakin easy!

no corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives. 3 ingredient soda: carbonated water, cane sugar, fruit concentrate. typically i have been mixing 3-5 tablespoons of syrup into a full pint of seltzer water.

to make the syrup use any fruit you like from what I can tell, and put it in a sauce pot with just enough water to cover the fruit. bring to boil, simmer for 20 min. reserving the liquid, strain away the pulp of the fruit, and DO NOT mash the fruit. just let it drain, get what you can and discard it! measure the amount of fruit juice you reserved and begin to make the syrup. typically to make a simple syrup you use equal parts sugar to liquid, bring to boil and cook until it boils at 219 degrees Fahrenheit and can into hot jars with hot lids. However, i like to use a little less sugar than water, which will make you cook off more water before it will boil at 219 degrees and this will concentrate the flavor of the syrup even more. I even boiled mine to 221 degrees just to make sure it was the consistency that i prefer, which is still liquidy but just a bit more concentrated.

Also a tip, when making syrup like this it is better to have a smaller pot that is going to be more full of liquid than a big pot that is oversized for the job and has a lower liquid level. basically you start at syrup, and there is very little reduction happening so you will have more control over the temp of your syrup with a proper sized, more full pot (unless you are making a very large batch of syrup, by all means use a large pot!) I just find that my thermometer reads more accurately when i have a greater depth to the liquid in the pot.

please try this!!! especially if you enjoy a good pop, and especially if you have 100% pure maple syrup already, just go buy some seltzer water and make home made cream soda!!
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 11, 2012
Posts: 601

Re: Stop buying pop...

i made black raspberry syrup today... great on its own, but combined with maple syrup in the soda, it's like rock'n'rye by faygo. great stuff!!
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