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Mushroom Jack
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Hen of the Wood Jerky

I haven't tried this yet, simply because I didn't find any Hens this year. A friend of mine makes this and him and all his friends rave about it.

Hen of the Woods Jerky Makes about 2 cups marinade, enough for a large hen

For the marinade:
1 c. apple cider
1 c. soy sauce
2-4 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 tsp ground white pepper
1/2 tsp ground fennel
5 Tbsp maple syrup
1 Tbsp Sriracha chili-garlic sauce

1. Place all marinade ingredients in the blender, and puree for a minute. Pour the marinade in a glass or non-reactive shallow pan, preferably one with a cover.
2. Clean the hen of the woods mushroom, making 1/8" slices of the core and the larger fronds. All parts can be used, but they will dehydrate at different rates and shrink up quite small.
3. Boil the mushroom for 10 minutes, and drain completely. Place the boiled hen pieces in the marinade while still hot, and refrigerate for 8-24 hours.
4. Remove the pieces of hen from the marinade and let them drain the excess liquid off before arranging on the dehydrator trays. If drying in the oven, use wire racks placed on a sheet pan. Arrange the marinated mushroom on the trays and dehydrate at 140 for 6-12 hours, until dried and leathery. The time will vary based on the thickness and sizes of the pieces, so check it often.
5. Store in an airtight jar or vacuum pack.

Tip of the " Mushroom Cap " to ya's !!!

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Re: Hen of the Wood Jerky

Ok... I sorta made my own hen of the woods jerky. I smoked a few hens for many many hours and dehydrated and bagged them. One day I ate a chunk of it right out of the bag. Don't EVER do that unless you need a laxative!
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Name: Frank
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Re: Hen of the Wood Jerky

That's funny Doreen.
Well... maybe not to you. LOL

I don't eat any mushroom uncooked except for store bought white buttons, and then only a few slices in salad.

I know there are some (a very few) wild mushrooms that are supposed to be safe to eat uncooked, but I'm not inclined to try them that way. Just not worth the risk to the bathroom, or worse yet, the emergency room.

I believe the hens are one. A friend talked me into trying a bite raw, and I spit it out after lips and tongue started to tingle.
I just couldn't do it.

It's better to be safe than sorry in my book.


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Name: Doreen
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Re: Hen of the Wood Jerky

When eating a raw hen you will find the taste nice at first but it turns sour and bitter.

I've read articles about the health benefits of hens and that heating above 112F will destroy certain properties. My dehydrator is much higher than 112 but that doesn't mean the mushrooms reached that temperature.

I thought I had read where you can get raw hens in capsule form. I have no idea where I read that but that info has been in my head for awhile.

I'm eating a bowl of chants and hens cooked in beef broth right now. I'm the only one in my family who will eat the wild mushrooms except for the morels. My husband and oldest son will eat them with steak.

I have bags of dehydrated mushrooms to use up this winter mostly trumpets, hens, and morels.

When we went to NC for Christmas I found a mess of oysters that everyone who tried them enjoyed and also found a large grapefruit sized lion's mane. OMG that is now my favorite mushroom. It was sweet and had the texture of scallops.

When I say it was a lion's mane I should just say it was a Hericium erinaceus. A big white ball that absorbed a gallon of water when my husband washed it.

I was actually squeezing the water out of chunks as I was frying them in butter.

I've had hericiums here in MI a few times but none were this good which have been hericium americanum.

I've been out scouting for elms this weekend. Haven't found any good flammulina's or oysters but it's been pretty cold.

Can't wait for SPRING!!!
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