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Name: Frank
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Miker - Tomato Advice

Miker, you are the most knowledgeable guy I know, for for fruit of the land type stuff.
I have four important questions for you. Please do what you can with them Bro'.

But anyone else can feel free to jump in with their results too. I'll take all advice I can get.

I know you have canned 'Maters til you dropped' miker, and was ready to give up gardening. LOL
Do you happen to remember, or have wrote down, how many tomato plants of which kinds, and how many total quarts you put up from them?

1. I'm trying to get a handle on how many tomato plants should I plant next year, to get enough to can approximately 150 total quarts of canned tomatoes? (Fiqure average weight of 7 - 10 oz.) The 150 gts includes salsa, sauce, juice, and plain tomatoes. Been researching the net, and it's widely varied. I've not gardened since 1993, and I kept no records, memory is shot to heck, so I am once again a newbie to gardening.

2. Will staggered planting of tomatoes keep the ripening time from occurring all at once?

3. If above is true, how long should I stagger between plantings. 1 week, 2 weeks 3 weeks or more?

Everyone wants to get them in as early as possible. But...
__* I've often noticed that there is not much difference between very early planting and later planting (due to weather) affects the ripining time. They seem to grow and ripen at the same time as someone who planted earlier or sooner than I. But perhaps planting later June a couple of times will make a difference?

4. Do you have any indeterminate heirloom seeds you would be willing to sell me for next spring? I would like 4 to 6 vines of them just for the flavor.

Thanks for your & everyones help.


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Name: Joanne
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Re: Miker - Tomato Advice

I am by no means an expert but I have planted a few garden and can a tremendous amount each season. I have not noticed a difference when stagering planting times. What I have noticed is a difference in planting a variety. Best I found for canning are the romas and they always seem to rippen a week or two before the beefstakes and heirlooms. This gives me time to work on canning the thick sauces traditionally canned using romas. Then I move on to the beefstakes and heirlooms that have begun to rippen. I've always planted at least 60 plants but I have a large extended family that also cans. Hope this info helps. Best of luck!

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Name: Mike
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Re: Miker - Tomato Advice

Figure on about 60 to 70 plants no need to stagger the plants, its all on about the sunlight and variety, yes I have alot of seeds and no you won't buy them, you can have them for free, I have more info on this later this week, cause I'am canning and freezing my azz off on foods right now,mike

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