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Name: Gary
Northern, Michigan USA
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Re: Soaking New Picked Morels in Salt Water?

Geeze people don't worry about a bug or do know whats in bologna and hot dogs right?....LOL
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Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Soaking New Picked Morels in Salt Water?

LOL.. I'm with Gary. More protein. Don't sacrifice the taste!
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Soaking New Picked Morels in Salt Water?

Congrats on your success! One of the deciding factors of buying a piece of property for me is going to be a well established row of white pine in the yard. Then seem to be so productive in a lawn setting.

white pine is such a solid host. I noticed though a couple of my spots have dwindled due to pressure issues and lack of spores. when I noticed the slowdown, I stopped picking there. Been about 4 years now and I stop just to see if they're doing anything and the numbers have fallen severely over the past years.

not saying your method hasn't been successful... but have you considered brewing an aerobic tea with the spore water? pretty simple to do and you can literally germinate and grow fungal hyphae in the water and then dump the tea and mulch it so it doesn't evaporate too quickly.
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Name: Beth
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Soaking New Picked Morels in Salt Water?

I soak my in salt water and watch all the bugs and slugs crawl out of the bowl, then rinse. I don't like little crunchies in my morels!
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