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Name: jason
Southern, Michigan USA
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new to morels

I live downstate and have 5 acres behind the house. The land is mostly low, swampy with some high areas. Mostly oak some cottonwoods and sandy soil. Is there any chance mushrooms would grow there or would it be wiser to spend my time searching other areas? Mostly I will be up near west branch searching but just wanted to do some searching before I go up north.
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Name: paul
Central, Michigan usa
sanilac co.
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Re: new to morels

You may find several types of mushrooms on that 5 acres, maybe not morels. Although some find them around cottonwood. With all the moisture focus on the edge, close to water but on the higher ground. I have also found morels on humps surrounded by water. good luck
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marty h
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Name: marty
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: new to morels

black ash trees
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: new to morels

oaks are great for chanterelles and hen of the woods (maitake). I hear recently dead cottonwoods can be like recently dead elms for morels; never experienced this myself but i've only been shrooming for about 4 years now so i'm still a newb as far as I'm concerned!
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Name: jason
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Apr 17, 2014
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Re: new to morels

Thanks for the replies and help! I have found hen of the woods back there a few times before, never tried them though. I didnt really know what it was when i found it. I do know of a large cottonwood that blew over in a storm last year, do you think it would have a chance at producing any this year or do they need to be dead for longer? It was a live tree when it blew over.
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Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: new to morels

A pic of how wet it is would help. If it's too wet then it's doubtful. Good luck
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