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Princess Roon
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Hand churned butter for cooking morels

If you have the time and the wheretofore, this is fun and well worth the elbow grease! You will need at least 2 cups of heavy cream skimmed off some good quality whole milk. Sit the jar out on the counter for 2-3 hrs. (temp should be 50-60 degrees) as it won't separate well if too cold. Shake jar vigorously for 20-40 minutes ( I know, but it is worth it!) Make sure you have enough space in jar to get good action, otherwise divide into two jars. You will start to see butter clumps floating on the surface of the milk. Keep shaking until it seems the butter clump is not getting any bigger. Drain buttermilk into another container and refrigerate. Rinse remaining butter with cold water by adding it and shaking the jar to rinse well. Do this until the water is first it will be cloudy as it picks up the remaining milk. Add salt if desired. I don't, I add salt when cooking with it. Can keep stored in same jar with all water drained out or move to another smaller cnt. Can keep at room temp for a few days, or best stored in fridge will keep for weeks. Just remember, it gets hard when cold! Enjoy!

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I have made butter using an electric mixer and works well. As far as the salt use popcorn salt as it is finer and disolves easier. A small pinch is plenty. Run mixer slow, I also hane a butter churn now used it once back in 78 when had farm milk because of a little snow and store was out.
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Ohio Transplant
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sounds good! When we were kids Grandma always had butter. No margarine for us. So if someone complained about the butter being hard, Grandma would say, "it'd be a lot harder if we didn't have any, so sit up and eat"
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