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Ohio Transplant
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Shiitake Grow "Field Trip"

Today we had a television crew here at the mushroom farm, and after they were done with us, we went to a Shiitake grow op South of here. I wasn't sure what to expect, but probably some inoculated logs or something. Not at all what I saw. We got to see the entire process, from the mixing of the substrate (rye and red oak sawdust) from the mixer it goes into bags and from there carts holding 300 bags are rolled into a monster autoclave for sterilization. Then to the lab for inoculation. Each bag is specially designed with a hepa filter type opening for this. Once that is done the bags are transferred to the growing rooms. We got to see the bags in all stages of growth, and it was fascinating.
The man has been growing for 5 years, and as a tobacco farmer is looking for an alternative crop since the tobacco industry here is failing.
Anyhow, I'll be going back and will take the camera next time. Really cool to see.
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