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Reverse seared meat.

Reverse sear. Anyone ever hear of it?

I have been reading about it for over a year, and decided to try it out.
I had my doubts. Figured it was just a gimmicky thing, that someone came up with, like sous vide for restaurants.

Let me tell you it turned out the most juicy & tender steak Deb & I have ever had in our entire lives! From 1st bite to last. No bite had even a hint of "dry" in it. And the juice did not pool on plate when first few slices were made. It stayed inside of the meat totally! Awesome!

You can't describe it by typing, can't by face to face conversations.
It has to be experienced to understand, how much better it is than our normal methods of cooking roast or steaks. It will blow your mind!

Simple explanation.
Instead of Searing first, then frying a steak, or what-have-you.
Instead of Searing first, and placing in lower oven temp to finish.

You put in low oven @ 170* F. until your internal meat temp that you like is reached. THEN, you take it out, let rest a few minutes, and put into Slammin Hot Pan and sear a minute on each side.

If using this method for a roast, do the same.
Take out to rest until internal temp starts to drop, and then place under fully pre-heated broiler on high, to give it a searing.

A good quality thermometer is required.
I use both, remote Maverick 732, and a Thermapen, to double check with. You want at least one thermometer with a QUICK reading very fine point on end, to give quick reads.
______________________________ __

Because I didn't know who long this was going to take, I cooked our sides 1st, and then put them into the oven when I started the steak.
Oven would be at a good holding temp, so I didn't worry about drying out the potatoes or corn, etc.
Now that I know how long it takes, I'll start the steak 1st, and then, cook the sides and just add them to oven as they are done to hold until dinner.

Cut our steaks about 1 1//4" thick, give or take. I didn't weigh our steaks, but estimated the weight on Deb's at about 13 oz. And my steak was a tad thicker and was about 1 lb.

I seasoned night before with Salt, Pepper, Onion, & Garlic (SPOG), and placed on rack uncovered in fridge lower rack.

I only left steak at room temp about 15 minutes while preheating the oven to 170*.
Internal temp was 41* when placed into 170* oven, on a rack with foiled pan under it. When cooking was done there was only one small drip on the foil, and it came, during time spent in fridge.

In Oven @170* F.
@ 25 minutes IT was 64* (IT = Internal Temprature)
@ 45 minutes IT was 86*
@ 1 hour IT was 97*
@ 1 & 1/2 hour IT was 112*
@ 1 hour & 50 minutes IT was 120*
@ 2 hours IT was 124*

Pulled out and tented loosely with foil, left Maverick probe still in it. Also double checked temps on both steaks with Thermapen.

Rested it about 15 minutes until IT dropped to 120*.
While it was resting, I heated two cast iron skillets on stove, until just starting to smoke. Shut flame off added tablespoon of Peanut Oil to each pan, wiped excess out with paper towel, turned flame back to high and added steaks.

While getting the sides out and plated up, I ended up searing steaks a little bit too long. Not too bad, just a little bit.

Now we have a base time estimate from my cooking log, we can do better next time with everything, and not be so nervous about screwing it up.

What I would do different next time, is pull steaks out at the 112* to 115* temp. Right around the 1 1/2 hour mark. For a regular pan fried steak 120*-125* F. seems med-rare to rare to us. But with this method, it seems I need to keep IT lower than I'm used to. I err'd on the side of over done, rather that chance raw steak. I needn't have worried.

How was it?

The shot with the slices, actually make it look much more rare than it was. I wish it had looked like this on my plate! LOL It was more of a medium, rather than medium rare. My camera doesn't do color well with flash.

Click image for larger version

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Reversed seared rib-eye, with caramelized onions, garlic mashed potatoes and corn.
Plus for my plate, some Morel Mushrooms added!

Two things impressed us the most.
1. it was more tender than any steak we've ever had.
2. it was the most moist steak ever tasted too. All the way through dinner from 1st to last bites, extremely very little juice ran onto plate. And the last bite was a juicy as the first! The juice you see on my plate came from corn and Morels.

So for rare, to med rare, pull between 112* - 115*, around the hour and a half mark is your time.
For a more medium, like this one, 124* - 125* around the 2 hour mark is your time estimate.

I can't wait for spring!

When I can smoke the meat during the low temp part, then lay it right on, or closely over, screaming hot 800*-1000* F. coals, for final sear.
It's gonna be Heaven!

Here is a link to a couple of videos to get your started, but do your own research on Reverse Searing. But don't fall for the ones that do prelim cook at over 190* F. Once you go above 212*, the meat juices will boil and meat will be drier than how I did mine.

1st, cut both soles off BF's boots.
Place in glass pan with water or chickenchit broth.
Then nuke on high until dinner, 2 or 3 hours later.
Hint: Be sure to cut with dull knife! Chew very long time.


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