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miker Aug 7, 2006 11:27 am

The "King and his court"
Recently I was asked by a good friend here at the board to explain to some of the newcomers here, what exactly was the meaning of this term.

It is quite simple, the term King and his Court, applies to the most choice edibles of the Species Boletus and the subspecies families of Suillus and Gyroporus, Leccinum and so forth.

Now mind you this post is aimed at only the most choice edibles according to my taste. But then again, I've had people tell me that I have the taste buds of a billy goat also. :grin:

Back to this posts intention.

The king I refer to is none other than Boletus edulis, for those of you wondering about all this "Elvis" talk, this is the shroom we are discribing, the others are as follows:
  • 1.Boletus auripes, a commonly found bolete.
  • 2.Boletus chippewaensis, not an easy one to find, outside of myself, I know of only two other members here at the board that have found this Bolete, that being Ohio Transplant and Happy Trails, this shroom rivals the mighty king himself in flavor and texture.
  • 3.Boletus pinophilus, an easy to find and common bolete.
  • 4.Boletus subcaerulescens, under the pines you will find this one, two years ago I had the pleasure of finding a massive fruiting of these at a Christmas tree farm in mid September.
  • 5.Boletus varipes, another easy to find bolete, but underrated by many shroomers, due to the fact in my opinion, that they found older specimens, when young and coming out of the button stage, these can rival old Elvis himself.
  • 6.Gyroporus castaneus, when gathered in quantities, this little shroom is an excellent edible.
  • 7.Tylopilus ballouii, another overlooked specimen, that is quite tasty.
I know alot of you experienced bolete hunters are gonna wonder why I didn't mention this bolete or that suillus. The only explanation I can offer is, that all of these shrooms do not stain blue, or if they do, not for long as they will turn brown soon after bluing.

For all the novice hunters here, I made this post to try and inform you. If you want to expand into boletes, be careful, buy a couple of books and look up your finds. Match them not by the pictures, but by discription and spore prints, until you are confident in what you are picking. And don't let confidence override positive identification either.

I am not trying to be a smart alec here. The names are written in latin and not their common name, in the hope you will look up these shrooms in your guides or on the internet to find out what I am talking about.

your friend,

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