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What a Joke! Post are moderated. Please keep it family clean.

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Sep 21, 2008 until Oct 22, 2020
Name: Frank
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Before submitting a joke.

Posts in this forum are moderated

All new threads and replies are placed into review status, before
they can appear in the forum.

When you post a joke, it won't show up right away.

Please Do Not repost it!
It goes into review status, until one of our moderators reviews it for content,
and approves, edit, or deletes it. Our opinions of what's acceptable, and yours may differ. We tend to error on the side of caution. We do not discuss publicly our reasons for not approving or editing a post. Decisions of moderators are final.

This accomplishes a couple of things.

1. It gives us a chance to keep jokes not appropiate for a family environment.

2. It saves any embarrassment of having your post edited or deleted, after
other members have already read it. This way, if someone accidentally makes
a post that maybe is a little over the line of good taste, it will never been
seen. And no one will ever know that it was deleted or edited. Thus no embarrassment
for you.

Hope you understand how this works now.

Remember... your post Will Not show up until a moderator is able to review it.

Thank you,
and keep posting new ones. You're doing great.

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