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Brittany and Boxers


Debbie's Boxers

Boxer pup pic      I had Bridgett (a boxer) for 16 years.   She was very special to me.  She was my 'mood' dog.  She could sense my moods and would match them.  When I was in good moods she would want me to play.  When I was in a somber mood , such as in crises, she would just walk over and lay her head on my lap.  She would sit there as long as I needed.  Bridgett also tended to demonstrate her disgusts with you.  When angry at you over any slight you may have caused her, she would sit directly in front but with her back to you.  Totally ignoring you with her nose in the air.  However her ears would always swivel around to hear any noise you might make that might sound like an apology to her!

       Another Boxer that I had was Muggsy, a huge male.  He weighed about 95 pounds and as strong as an ox.  He was a wanderer though. People were always calling to say, come get your dog!  He would wander over 5 miles away.  He also liked to go for walks down our sandy side road.  Nothing much exciting about that, except for the fact that he took the walks with a full 2 1/2 cement blocks that we had attached to him with a choke chain to keep him from wandering!   *LOL*   He'd still go for a couple miles! Talk about hard headed (and necked).

        Boxers have a unique trait of forming a "U" with their body when excited!  Nothing quite so funny as watching a dog try to wag it's little stub of a tail while bending its body in half (the poor dogs would lose their balance and then add staggering to the show).  All of my boxers were excellent with children.

         Jõb was a Brittany Spaniel. that was very dedicated to his "dad". It was always fun to watch Frank put Jõb through his paces.  Although some days it seemed to be the other way around.  Jõb hated to get caught sleeping!  If you caught him sleeping, he would get a hang dog look on his face and grin at you, as if saying "you caught me".  I'll let Frank tell you more about Jõb.  

        By the way ........Jõb's name is pronounced with a long 'O', as in; "Oh Sugar, what did that dog do now?"
You know. Patience of Jõb ?            ( Hubby is just a little touchy about this :)

         Bridgett and Jõb kept each other young by playing tag together.  Poor Jõb was always getting bowled off his feet by Bridge.  She would tear after him and body slam the poor dog, literally knocking him off his feet and usually doing a somersault or two.  One time however Jõb got me.  He slammed into my shins knocking my legs right out from under me, was I surprised!  I think I must have looked as shocked as Jõb did the first few times he got knocked around by Bridgett.

Frank's   Brittany Spaniel

      Brittany Spaniels are a special breed of dog.   They are pointer, retriever and friend, all rolled into one dog. They are excellent hunters of upland birds, and oh so beautiful to see on point.   They're wonderful pets, but you need to know a Brittany is not the dog for you, if you want one to cuddle. Brittany's are independent.   They love you, but do not go in for that mushy stuff, like being held tightly or cuddled in bed with you.  They prefer their own space.

Now this is not to say that they are emotionally lacking.   Far from it.   Brittanys just show their love and respect for you in other doggie ways.
Such as their un-faltering loyalty and exciting style.  Putting their head under your hand for petting until they've had enough and then lay down at your feet.
Now THAT feels so good in the winter time!

      I rescued Jõb from an abused life, where he was chained with a thick log chain and a 2 lb. padlock to keep the chain on his neck.  That's right....no collar.  He was totally ignored, except to kick him in the ribs while trying to put food down for him.   He was never hunted or even played with by his current owners.   He put up with that for 5 years before I answered an ad in the paper for a free Brittany, and Jõb became my buddy.  I've done well so far by resisting the urge to go back and do a little abusing of my own on the man who previously own Jõb.

      Jõb was totally uncontrollable, spastic and untrained.  I decided to train him.  I called 5 different dog trainers and the first four said that you couldn't train a dog that old in that condition.  Then the last one said sure, but we train you, and you, train the dog using the Keolher method.  I signed us up.  In the first class they told us that in two weeks our dogs would be better behaved, heeling and sitting on command.  I thought uh huh, not this wild dog.

      I was wrong and shocked.  In just twelve weeks Jõb took 1st place in an obedience judging against 25 other dogs!  I was so proud.  I had a beautiful dog that would come when called, plus all the other goodies that the training had provided.   He was a calmer dog and a happier dog and loved me to no end, due to the bonding with the training.

      Now I could take him hunting without fear of him running off.  So I did.  I still remember his first points.  He was so beautiful!  He had five points that day, so I thought maybe I should carry a gun the next time.  Sometimes I did carry a gun and hunt, but other times I walked with my dog just to watch him work.

      Jõb certainly was no quitter.  He would hunt until he dropped if I'd let him.  However I do recall the one time that he DID quit hunting on me.   A buddy, Fritz, and I were hunting with Jõb on a very warm day early in the season.   About an hour into the hunt Jõb suddenly turned around and ran back to me and stayed at the heel position.   I would send him out and each time he would go only a few feet before returning tight to my leg at heel.   I yelled over to Fritz;   "I think my dog just quit on us".   I continued walking until I reached the spot where Jõb had first quit and turned around.   What I saw there made me forgive him then and there.   I called Fritz over and told him I'd found the reason for Jõb's behavior.   Right there by a log, was a FRESH pile of bear scat!   When we realized just how fresh, Fritz and I decided that maybe Jõb had the right idea after all and we went back to camp!

Jõb lived over fifteen years.   Ten of those years with me.   I miss my buddy.

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