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About us and how Michigan Morels got started

Photo of my wife Debbie, getting ready to pick some morels.  She doesn't like to eat mushrooms of any kind, but she loves to hunt them with me.  We enjoy out time together in the woods!

   Hi!   I'm Frank.
Born and raised in Michigan.  Been to other states and liked them just fine, but was always glad to get back to Michigan.  No other state like it!  


   Before I go any farther, let me put in a personal paragraph about my wife Debbie. 
We will have been married 20 years this summer in 2010.  She is the center of my life!   There is no better woman in the world than Debbie!     

   She knows me better than I know myself.  She is so kind and loving, you'll like her if you meet her.
Although she 'will' hit me with a brick quick, to gain my attention, and then 'splain something to me.  She is a wonderful 'splainer!

   I lived though troubled times in my life before I met Deb, but  I have to say that all my time spent with Debbie, has been heaven.  She is an angel, meant for me. 
She is the most understanding, compassionate, intelligent, firm convictions, and a stand-be-side-you woman I have ever met. 
I am so fortunate and blessed to have her love me.     See also: [ Debbie's B-Day Card.]

I will love you for eternity Deborah Kay, and this is my way of telling the world. 

A link about our dogs if you're interested, and a link about Debbie's Peruvian Paso

OK...  now on to business...

      We moved to Gaylord, Michigan, from Midland Michigan in summer of 1994.  I found the first morels of my life the following year 1995. Found them by accident driving around in the woods.  I stopped to answer natures call to water the local flora.  While I was performing that task I gazed around and spotted my first morel!   (Luckily it wasn't in the same direction of my activity.)  I picked the morel and enough other ones to fill my hat, and took them home.  I checked with several people about their identity to make sure they were morels.  After tasting them sautéed in butter, I've been hooked ever since.  My lovely wife Debbie, on the other hand is hooked on hunting them, but won't eat morels, or ANY mushroom, wild or otherwise, bless her heart, but that is good for me!   (She picks ...  I eat!)  LOL
(we've since moved back to Midland area again in fall of 2005.  But I sure do miss not living in Gaylord area. It's wonderful up there.)

    I started this site on a whim in 1996, just to see if I could learn about HTML and such.   I appreciate those of you who followed me in spite of Java that wouldn't Jav, and all the other learning disabilities I went through.  You are very patient.  I've learned just enough to make my life, and yours, complicated.  Now I have a simple (? ...  yeah, Right!), morel web site that has grown into a year-around project.  I hunt morels one month of the year and the other eleven months I play around and learn how to screw up this site.   It's true.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 

   I wanted to keep it simple as possible, and provide as much information as I can.  You won't find a lot of technical terms from me here though.  Just black, white, yellow, false morels and etc. (White and Yellow morels are the same by-the-way) After all that is how we talk with our friends and each other, isn't it?  If you want to know more of the technical and scientific aspects of mushrooms, search out mycology on the web.  It'll make your head hurt after a while. Or visit our message board. Some experienced folks there will give you all the technical explanations you could hope for, and more. They really know their stuff!

    I tried looking for info on the web after I discovered morels.  At that time (1995), I could find very little on the web about them.  So I kept searching and reading books.  I now know so much less, that I decided to share that-drop-in-the-bucket with you.  Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  I am NOT an expert!  Not even a seasoned old timer.  So don't go mailing me, expecting all the answers, because I'm still learning.  Just like you.  I like getting e-mail from all over, and I try to answer them all when I'm able and will try to answer questions the best I can, but remember who you are talking with.  I started this site in 1996 like I said, to share info.  As I learn it, I will post it.  If you can't find it in this site, then I probably don't know it.

   Most of the questions asked of me can be found either in my pages or by going to the message board.  Or by visiting some of the links to other pages.  I wasn't the first morel site on the web, but I was one of the very first.  NOW there are a TON of mushroom sites on the web.  They are popping up all over like their namesake.  Some of them have much more info than mine.  I think that's good.  Information is always a good thing to share. 

   A word of caution to those of you making a web site of anything.  Do not swipe pictures or text off other peoples pages without obtaining permission.  Most will give it to you.  But...  When I started my first personal web site, I thought that EVERYTHING was FREE for the taking on the net.  I was wrong!         It isn't.   Remember....  I was new to the web then.
Since then I've had my site raided and content or pic's stolen from it and used on other sites as their own. What goes around comes around, I guess.

   I almost had a lawsuit even though I took the offending photo's and text off my pages the same day as I was notified!   By-the-way....  You won't find a link to that persons ego inflated pages anywhere on my site either!  I offered several solutions to him, but he was a jerk.  So I said "go ahead".  "Sue me".  He couldn't, and didn't.  I knew I had complied with his wishes and removed material immediately upon notification.  Plus, I was not using it for profit, only information.  How did he find out about it?  My stupid little web site was wrote about in some news letter that he subscribed to.  I never even found out who published me, darn it!   I also put a link to his site as requested by him for a long time.  When you clicked on the link, ...  it closed your browser down.  <Grin>   It sounds funny, but don't try it.  OK?

Morels ....  I Love 'em!
(Almost as much as my wife hates them ;)

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