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Welcome to Michigan Morels.

Find out where to find morels. When and how to pick morels. On the Morel Message Board, find mushroom photographs, discuss things like preserving morels, paper, plastic or mesh bags. Mushroom Links and much more! Find out about mushrooms such as the Meadow mushroom, Chanterelle mushrooms, Boletes, Lobster mushrooms, Hen-of-the-woods, Chicken-of-the-woods, Blewits and many more wild mushrooms that are fun to hunt, and good to eat.

You can eat any mushroom that grows... once!

But remember...

There is "No Sure Cure" for mushroom poisoning!  If you have a bad reaction, you will either Live, or Die. Either way you're gonna regret it!

Learn from experienced hunters 1st. If that's not possible, then please buy the Audubon Mushroom Field Guide as a starter book. Especially if you are going to try hunting mushrooms other than morels.

SAFETY IS A MUST for all wild mushrooming or edible plant foraging

Lobsters, Bears head, and Chantrelle mushroomsMorels and wild Leeks or Ramps
It's not about how many... it's how much you enjoy the hunt.
______________________________See ya in the woods!_____________________________
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2002 Free Press ranks Michigan Morels in top 20

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